The Issues that Matter to You

Fiscal Responsibility: Balancing the Budget 

Mike provides balanced, fiscally responsible budgets, running a surplus while keeping property taxes the lowest in the Pioneer Valley. Professional management, making government more efficient and accountable and real reform makes a difference. In these difficult times, Chicopee needs proven leadership.

Maintaining our Rainy Day Fund

Mike protected millions of dollars from “spend-it-all” thinking by growing the rainy day fund to over $10 million. Common-sense planning and responsible decisions helped Chicopee avoid major layoffs, and protected vital services.

Saving Taxpayers Millions

Efficient energy use is good for Chicopee's future and its present. Mike promoted a citywide energy savings program that saved Chicopee over $2 million in fuel and heating costs. Switching to energy efficient lighting in city buildings is on track to save $40,000 annually.

Supporting Education

Chicopee's graduation scores are on the rise, and we have seen a reduction in our dropout rates. Innovative programs provide students with the skills to succeed in the classroom and in life. Mike will keep working to move our schools in the right direction and to provide our children with the best education possible. Together, we can make a difference.

Protecting your Safety

Your family’s safety is always the number one priority - for you, and for your mayor. From schools to streets to first-rate medical response, Mike has provided our police and firefighters the tools they need to keep you safe. He led the way to reopen Station 7 in Aldenville, and obtained new police equipment and state-of-the-art ambulances you can depend on.

Supporting Seniors

Low taxes, strong public safety, and services that maintain quality of life help to support Chicopee's seniors. Mike has led the way to help seniors stay in their homes longer and has long supported the building of a new senior center to provide services to our citizens.

Get Involved: Ways You Can Help

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